OFFENE STADT | Student Workshop at Make.City Festival
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Student Workshop at Make.City Festival

In scope of MakeCity Festival in Berlin and with cooperation with BOX Freiraum, Institute for Sustainable Urbanism (ISU) organised a one week workshop with students from TU Braunschweig and with two public events – Talk and Forum.

In the “OPEN WORKSHOP” we dived into the three dimensions of openness—space, time and society—and explore, though various excursions in Berlin, concepts and approaches which can meet the multiple uncertainties in urban development processes and could counterbalance the tendency for closure, without restricting opportunities for newness, growth and development.

On Wednesday, at the “OPEN TALK” students presented intermediate results and we opened a discussion on Openness with the audience. After the discussion, students returned to the workshop and on hand of the feedback they finalised results that they presented on Sunday at the “OPEN FORUM.”

Workshop participants: Anita Bauer, Alina Eikermann, Yaxiong Guo, Franziska Himmelreich, Pia Karow, Moritz Klingberg, Patrizia Lake, Ha My Nguyen, Vanessa Nickel, Leonie Rieger, Shenali Samarasinghe, Britta Schallock, Philip Schreine, Yuejia Su, Alina Woewutko and Shengmin Yang

Guests: Alkistis Thomidou (ISU), Dr. Maycon Sedrez (ISU), Dr.-Ing. Nadine Appelhans (SOZ), Dr. Ia Kupatadze (Ilia State University, Georgia) and Jan Hendrik Trapp (Difu)

Organised by: Institute for Sustainable Urbanism

Team: Ines Dobosic, Olaf Mumm, Daniel Geistlinger, Juri Goedel and Fabian Leiwe

Project: OFEENE STADT: Theorien, Perspektiven, Instrumente